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Sometime ago I presented to Dr. Ashok with depression, hot flushes, low energy, and colic pain. I knew I was out of balance. Dr. Ashok treated me with Panchakarma treatments, herbs and diet. I committed to the treatment regime which took place over a period of time and regained my good health, clarity and focus: The hot flushes have gone and my mind is clear and focused. I regained my energy, stamina and wellbeing. I recommend Ayurveda medicine for health and wellbeing at any age.
“I highly recommend Dr. Ashok for those who have anxiety, depression and stress related problems. I experienced the magic of Ayurveda. It was really amazing; especially the SHIRODHARA”.
Thank you for your expertise and guidance over the last 4 months having trouble with brain tumer. The changes in my health have been subtle yet profound and I know that the journey of Ayurveda brings great transformation and true health. I have particularly appreciated having a partner in health and hope that we can continue to work together in this way in the future, for the benefit of many. Dr. Ashok Thanks!
Thank you so much for your caring treatment of epilepsy. I found myself really lucky meeting you the Panchkarma. I feel my body and my mind really happy and relaxed and a lot of energies riffing up. I'm sure we are going to meet again next year.
Headaches, Anger, stress, schizophrenia and strain for 15 years drove me to take 90days treatment here. Now I am completely cured. Thanks to Dr. Ashok and staff. Now I plan to be a regular member at the clinic.

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